Nana Acheampong – Fre No Ma Me (feat. Bisa Kdei & Tasmania)

Legendary Nana Acheampong breaks the long silence as he collaborates with Highlife front liner of our time, Bisa Kdei and rising rapper, Tasmania to dish out “Fre No Ma Me” which translate to English as ‘Call Her For Me’, a classic by all standards.

Nana Acheampong is perhaps best known for his music that is written to acknowledge the Ghanaian women, ‘Fre No Ma Me’ didn’t deviate from this typical attribute.

Fre No Ma Me as a single simultaneously is the album title of his 26th successful album containing six (6) other singles, yet to be unleashed.

It is the best of all worlds come to play as Bisa Kdei with his silky voice refreshes a Mountain Mix produced beat having Tasmania  blend his rap to suit it perfectly.

Less of the talks, now download and enjoy Nana Acheampong’s latest single ‘Fre No Ma Me’ featuring Bisa Kdei and Tasmania.

Nana Acheampong – Fre No Ma Me (feat. Bisa Kdei & Tasmania) (Prod. By Mountain Mix)


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