Mizter Okyere – Hip-High [Sax Mashup] (Audio & Video)

Mizter Okyere – Hip-High (Sax Mashup)

Weeks after giving us “Aseda”, saxophonist extraordinaire, Mizter Okyere continues his soul healing milestone with a jazz single titled “Hip-High Mashup”

“Hip-High” is basically a fusion of highlife and hiplife songs but this time rendered in jazz. The saxophonist builds his craft around songs of two highlife giants; Daddy Lumba and Amakye Dede, with a hiplife spice from Gasmilla and Atom on an 8 minutes stretch.

Songs making this mashup include “Doctor Panie” by Daddy Lumba, “Akwadaa Wesoa” by Amakye Dede, “Telemo” by Gasmilla, and “Yewo Krom” by Atom respectively.

It is hinted Mizter Okyere is readying an album titled “Soul Healing” and this is the first official single.

Song emits nerve calming sounds that puts a stressful mind in a all relaxing state and one can only ask for more. Listen to song and enjoy music video from below.

Mizter Okyere – Hip-High [Sax Mashup] [ DOWNLOAD ]

Watch video for “Hip-High”

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