Carl Keegan – Unison EP

Carl Keegan - Unison EP
Carl Keegan Unison EP


Carl Keegan’s ‘’Unison’’ is an audio thrill worth plugging in to here:

2020 continues to be a terrific roller coaster of a year and despite all its rough edges Carl Keegan is still having a field day, moving ever so gracefully. Braced by a new EP, ‘’Unison’’, the act is ready to have his share of the limelight in 2020’s closing moments.

On his latest entry, Carl Keegan crafts a comprehensive body of work which is a blend of rap and vibrant melodies done over some timeless instrumentals. He does this with sheer finesse, rocking a vibe sure to sweep listeners into a mood of elation. The 4-track EP features Carl’s label mates: King Joey, Wavy Willy and BADSZN, next to assists from fellow Ghanaian artists like, Kwame Jhosef, Esi Chélle, Jaleel Thomas, KXLAB and REEZ.

‘Falling’ serves as the EP’s first record, featuring Kwame Jhodef and Esi Chélle who help share the song’s message on love and relationships. It’s an Afroswing rhythm perfectly calibrated to tally with the song’s theme which touches on the need to keep our loved ones happy be it through little communication, support or sacrifice. ‘Ten Toes’ slots in next and fires up as the EP’s trap anthem. It has Carl’s label mates; King Joey, Wavy Willy and BADSZN all in the cut. The squad pull through seamlessly to deliver on the realities young people are faced with today, whiles offering some key advice of their own.

‘Skyfall’ follows in succession and has rising act, Jaleel Thomas aboard. On the well-timed trap ballad, both artists express an inclination towards being alone and their context for emotional solitude. It’s pieces together in a dramatic way, beautifully bringing to light the self-awareness and choices of the two. ‘Unison’ comes off as the final record on the EP which bears its same name. Carl Keegan recruits KxLab and REEZ for this finale on this Electronic Hip-Hop/Trap piece. The trio reassure us that our daily efforts are not in vain as long as we stay strong, focus and keep the grind alive.

Twitter/Instagram: @iamcarlkeegan

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