DJ Lord OTB – True to Self (King Promise Mixtape)

DJ Lord OTB - True to Self (King Promise Mixtape)
DJ Lord OTB – True to Self (King Promise Mixtape)

King Promise‘s third studio album, “True To Self,” has been a runaway success on streaming platforms since its release nearly a month ago. Billboard has hailed it as one of the best music projects of the year, a well-deserved accolade. Each track is rich in substance, with exceptional production and songwriting that distinguish it as a standout in the African music scene.

DJ Lord OTB, a renowned Ghanaian DJ has created a special mixtape to complement and elevate King Promise’s album “True To Self.” This mixtape features expertly mixed tracks from the album, seamlessly blending them with additional beats, remixes, and transitions to enhance the listening experience. By infusing his unique style and creativity, DJ Lord OTB adds a fresh and dynamic dimension to King Promise’s original work, making it more engaging and enjoyable for fans.

This collaboration not only showcases DJ Lord OTB’s talent but also brings renewed attention to the “True To Self” album, amplifying its reach and impact in the music scene.


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