E.L, Ko-Jo Cue, Shaker & Gemini – Ebe Long

OMG, this couldn’t be funnier than it is. Full BBnZ impact; E.L, Ko-Jo Cue, Shaker and Gemini on a single song titled Ebe long.

Filled with much humour and skeptical stories is the right song to get you off a gloomy mood. Artiste on board shares their creativity ‘spot on’ as they lay the verses one after the other relating to the topic ‘Ebe Long’ (long story). This song takes me back to days of “School” by Shaker, Killmatic and Bra Kevin.

I didn’t have the time to check if this song is already in twitter trends but please pay attention to the intro before you say I didn’t warn you…. you are about to laugh and burst.

Download E.L, Ko-Jo Cue, Shaker & Gemini creative hiphop joint “Ebe Long”


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