Flowking Stone – Best Rapper Africa (BRA) (Prod. By Tubhani Muzik)

Flowking Stone - Best Rapper Africa (BRA)
Flowking Stone – Best Rapper Africa (BRA)

Social media have witnessed the circulation of this song’s artwork, keeping fans in anticipation for the heat, and finally Flowking Stone is here with Best Rapper Africa (BRA)

Best rapper Africa BRA proves why Flowking Stone is the definition of all round best rapper in Africa to the World from Ghana.

He touts his long standing feat in the rap game from the days of Cassette to this new age of internet, and take it upon himself to enlighten listeners on the many type of rappers and reasons why is he BRA.

Song is a ceaseless 6 minutes of refined and hard-punching bars and poetry. BRA in Akan language is translated as “Senior” but Flowking’s definition is for both the former and Best rapper Africa.

Watch video below:

Flowking Stone – Best Rapper Africa (BRA)

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