Phrimpong – Obiaa (feat. RGM Wonder)

Phrimpong, RGM Wonder - Obiaa
Phrimpong, RGM Wonder – Obiaa

Ghanaian musician Phrimpong has recently released his first single for the year titled “Obiaa.” This captivating track, produced by the talented Khendi Beats, seamlessly blends indigenous sonic rhythms with Phrimpong’s vocal prowess, resulting in an unforgettable highlife composition. The title “Obiaa” translates to “everyone” in the Akan language, and it serves as a powerful anthem of resilience.

In this song, Phrimpong collaborates with rising musician RGM Wonder, whose verse seamlessly integrates with the overall theme, showcasing their collective lyrical depth. Upon first listen, “Obiaa” instantly captivates listeners, leaving a lasting impression that becomes addictive.

Phrimpong’s multifaceted artistry has been on display throughout his career, following the success of previous tracks like “Odehyie,” “Adam,” and “Asem.” His ability to blend traditional elements with modern sounds has proved his dynamism as an artist in the Ghanaian music scene

Stream OBIAA below:

PhrimpongObiaa (feat. RGM Wonder)

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