Samini – Anytime (feat. Hus Eugene) (Triple M Riddim)

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‎Highgrade Family unleashes Samini illustrating all the attributes that make him a top notch in the dance hall game in ‘Anytime’ featuring another‎ soldier Hus Eugene.

Intro and outro performed by Hus Eugene‎, the energy driven riddim ‘Triple M Riddim’ produced by Brainy Beatz exerts ‘the energy God’ as Samini calls himself to the peak of his talent in dishing the raw deal; from beating wrong timing to wack artiste and his capabilities of performing live on stage.

‘Samini ready anytime, lyrical war; we ain’t backing down’. Could this be aiming at someone? …..

Samini – Anytime (feat. Hus Eugene) (Triple M Riddim)


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