Sonniballi – Odo (Prod. By Blackdiamond)

Sonniballi - Odo
Sonniballi – Odo

Sonniballi shares with the world his new collection of songs from the time of his creative solitude and conscious planning. Titled “ODO” is the highly anticipated single release from his forthcoming studio EP “eMotions”.

“ODO” is a melodic Afrobeat, Highlife song and like all the best songs they are spired by the emotion of love. Sang in the traditional Ghanian language of Twi and accompanied by a musical Afrobeat style composition that will add to the comprehensive collection of any reputable DJ. Sonniballi dedicates this song to his ancestors and all those he loved that came before.

“As a musician there are many different things that have influenced my music, and one major thing is language. Being a African artist I can not deny my dancehall influence that is obvious in my many other songs. This is what makes Odo very special for me as I mostly sing the song in my mother tongue of Twi.” – Sonniballi

Sonniballi dedicates this album to life and along the path of his journey he has come across memorable characters that have added to his tenacity to not only succeed but add more colour to the variety of life.

“Daniel was a great guy. I remember meeting him for the first time, he had travelled a long way to my home city and had a celebration with his friends playing only my music. From that day we became great friends as he was a sincere believer in my music. Love you Daniel rest in power brother.” – Sonniballi

It is no coincidence that Sonniballi has returned to his roots of Ghanian music, as with any creative journey it is important to return to the source of one’s inspiration and gather the necessary energy to move forward.

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