Listen Up: Swaye Major – Tripping on Feelings EP

Swaye Major - Tripping on Feelings Ep
Swaye Major Tripping on Feelings Ep


Mahlatse Mashego better known as Swaye Major is a South African hip hop and R&B sensational artist from Bushbuckridge Mpumalanga

Swaye Major began writing poems in primary school, which eventually turned into rap compositions during his high school years and here he is with Tripping on Feelings Ep. Stream here

The songs featured on this project are mainly about a failed relationship that involves betrayal, dishonesty and depression that one suffered

Is about finding new love and how it can change a person’s feelings Swaye Major delivers his words based on events where he met a lady that caught his attention and made him to fall in love

After their relationship was growing problems started rising

Ring Ring
Is the second song which entails and extends the love story where the beautiful relationship started experiencing problems where by one was unavailable at most events when being reached

Passion X
Is the climax of the Extended playlist where by the person who was unreachable got reached and as amazing as it sounds bad news were on the way as the call was to end the relationship

With the last song being Money Cheddar Swaye Major touches on how money saved him from depression caused by the toxic relationship and how money will never change on him and hurt his feelings

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