Team Eternity Ghana – Defe Defe

Team Eternity Ghana - Defe Defe
Team Eternity Ghana – Defe Defe

The youthful and vibrant gospel music group, Team Eternity Ghana, has taken the nation by storm with their latest hit, “Defe Defe.”

Opening with a thumping beat and the grand proclamation, “Father, the universe you made, And everything displays The wonders of Your grace” this song has become the biggest gospel anthem of 2024, bringing immense pride to the gospel community.

“Defe Defe” delves into the biblical theme of receiving a new name, symbolizing a transformation through God’s grace despite personal shortcomings. The song emphasizes that without God, humanity would be worthless, and thus, He deserves all the praise.

Featured as Track 12 on their 14-track album, “Testimony,” “Defe Defe” led by Naana Asiedu stands out with its dynamic drum patterns and powerful instrumentals that captivate listeners from start to finish.

Drawing lyrical inspiration from Hallelujah Voices’ original “Defe Defe,” Team Eternity Ghana’s urban gospel rendition is both refreshing and deeply moving. Stream and download now!

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