Team Eternity Ghana – Ghana Chant

Team Eternity Ghana - Defe Defe
Team Eternity Ghana – Ghana Chant

Team Eternity Ghana‘s single “Ghana Chant”  listeners into a profound worship experience, celebrating the goodness of God. This track blends classic Ghanaian gospel melodies with contemporary urban sounds, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

Featuring slower renditions of iconic songs like Suzzy and Matt’s “Mmrane,” Nana Yaw Asare’s “Odomankoma,”, Edward Akwasi Boateng’s “Mebo Wo Din” and Helena Rhabbles’ “Din Bi Wo Ho,” “Ghana Chant” pays homage to these timeless hits while adding a fresh, modern twist. The result is a deeply moving and reverent musical journey.

This song offers a taste of Ghanaian music culture, skillfully urbanized to resonate with today’s audiences. Team Eternity Ghana’s unique sound appeals to both traditional and contemporary gospel music lovers.

“Ghana Chant” is the first track from Team Eternity Ghana’s “Testimony” album, promising an inspiring and spiritually uplifting musical collection. This release showcases the group’s dedication to preserving and celebrating Ghanaian gospel heritage in a modern context.


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