Phrimpong – Vote For Peace Lyrics

Phrimpong - Vote For Peace

Yeah, Wanya Lie No?
Xxtra Music

Verse 1
Lets imagine blood pouring on our streets, women shedding tears and
Knives running through your brother’s skin like its piercing
Guns, ammunitions all you see up in your nation, the sight of dead bodies and the smell is not interesting
Smoke everywhere, fellow men chanting war songs
Highlife music being replaced with the war songs
Supplying hydro power (Electricity) to the men is not important cos nobody is in the house even the kids are at the war front
Friends turning enemies,
Homes turned cemeteries, trees bear no fruits, land is wailing at the territories
Obiara fie ayɛ din, sɛ obi tease a yɛnnim wo tv ani asɛe wo favourite radio station de tweeee.
The scene is so appalling never seen before, Conference center shows nkɔ so we all meant to sleep before 6 (Curfew)
We all turned jobless obi ntɔn na obia atɔ
Ghana adane amanfoo so obi manso na obiara ɛrekɔ
Your home set ablaze wontumi nna nea wodaano, mfifire ne nisuo adi afra afɔ wataade no
Yɛn gold ne oil mmrɔfo na bɛ faa deɛ kaaɛ,
Wodi politics akyi koa deɛ bɛ totow na me kaeɛ no

Peace! Not for war, biribi to yɛn man yia yenni baabi kɔ
So lets vote for Peace, not for war, biribi to Ghana a yɛnni baabi kɔ
So I Vote for Peace not for war, biribi to me man yia menni baabi kɔ
So I Vote For Peace not for war, biribi to Ghana menni baabi kɔ so I vote for

Verse 2
Peace, Love, Tolerance
I promise to respect the views of the other man
Not withstanding Party A or Party B Ghanaman still remains as a bro nyɛ  koraa ɛntesɛ obi man so
My mark of Peace still remains indelible
Me man ho dɔ me mma Politician bi nsesa no
Ma promise me man no, ma twerɔ mempepa no
Ɔbɛmame tuo wɔ  berɛ a ɔde visa ama ne mma no?

I cannot stand the sight of watching men die bisa Liberia, na war caused a fellow man’s plight
Lets Vote for Peace, need to save our own lives
Meyɛ Ghanani, am proud of my nation not tribe
So I promise on ma honour to be faithful and defend Ghana
M’abufohyeɛ  mu mpo mɛdwen me man no ho ansa na.
Lets see the value of the peace we enjoy, Ghana first before the Party affiliates any day so

I vote for peace, not for war, biribi to me man yia menni baabi kɔ
So I vote for peace,not for war, biribi to Ghana a menni baabi kɔ so
I Vote for Peace, not for war,biribi to me man yia menni baabi kɔ  ooo,
I vote for peace not for war,biribi to Ghana a menni baabi kɔ so I vote for….

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