FreeVibe – The High Times EP

FreeVibe - The High Times EP
FreeVibe – The High Times EP

Two years after releasing the “+Vibes EP”, followed by a couple of singles, FreeVibe brings us “The High Times EP”. This is an anthem for the weed lover.

FreeVibe, while rapping on the beat to express the hidden feelings and speaking for the voiceless talks on the goodness of the holy weed. From layback Trap feeling vibes to boom bap rapping, the 4-track EP is destined to be every weed smoker’s favourite.

As Olivia Nicholls of the Reyt Good Magazine puts it, FreeVibe’s music is refreshing to listen, as he incorporates his native language and English together which helps to stimulate the listener and amaze them at his bilingual abilities.

And it’s not just rap music. FreeVibe was influenced by Bob Marley at an early age and so, even though the rapper does nothing like the reggae legend genre-wise, the positivity behind the lyrics of his songs seems related to that of Marley. He expresses Freedom and Love through his music.

FreeVibe gets nothing but good music to give his fans in the coming years. He has also made it a part of his plans to release new music every now and then so look forward to another release very soon.

Stream “The High Times EP” below:

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