Amerado – Sin No More (Lyrical Joe & Strongman Diss)

Amerado - Sin No More (Lyrical Joe Diss)
Amerado – Sin No More (Lyrical Joe Diss)

Another one for the rap culture, Amerado is on Lyrical Joe’s case again with Sin No More few hours after the latter’s Mute.

Amerado is here to torment Lyrical Joe back to his shell while labelling him living dead in the rap game.

He furthers on using an LJ weak rap line “Hajia rapper woyɛ Bintu” against him as an own goal.

Amerado jabs Lyrical Joe with streaming numbers and shows him the path to making it count by switching style to something more commercial.

For a moment, thought the euphoria around the is dying until I heard a swipe at Strongman, and it might get murkier so soon.

Get song below:

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