Daaduam Nwom – Onipa Su (Full Album)

Daaduam Nwom - Onipa Su
Daaduam Nwom – Onipa Su

Daaduam Nwom (DN) continues his music journey with a 15-track album titled “Onipa Su” (Human Nature). Stream here: https://songwhip.com/daaduamnwom/onipa-su

The Ghanaian music industry has always had its way to sustain the quality of good music in its very own way; though there are not many means of making the good songs go as viral as the noisy ones does. Highlife, as hard as it has been suppressed, has always been the backbone of Ghanaian music industry due to how original it has always been.

For so long, as long as we all could remember, it is hard to have replacements or to think of it, young rising artists who could fit into the shoes of our living legends in Highlife music if they decide to hang their boots. It is of no news that you can barely mention names of typical highlife musicians because at the end of the day, you end up lining up artists who deviate from the typical highlife music ethics and sound.

Daaduam, a new sensation, who has always been known for his rich highlife music, has released his debut album dubbed “Onipa Su” which means “The Human Nature”. If not mistaking, Ghanaian music has hardly had such a great product

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