Daddy Lumba – Ofon Na Ɛdi Asɛm Fo

Daddy Lumba - Ofon Na Edi Asem Fo
Daddy Lumba – Ofon Na Edi Asem Fo

After seven years of hints, the long-awaited Daddy Lumba single “Ofon Na Ɛdi Asɛm Fo” is now out.

It is understandable why his storied throne of music is still revered given the usage of adages and wisdom-inclined poetry. The return is well worth the wait after a very long absence from a music release.

The song’s message is summed up in the phrase “Ofon Na Ɛdi Asɛm Fo,” to wit an unworthy person engages in an unworthy manner, a subtle jab at those casting his name in the mud.

Quality beads indeed do not rattle. Daddy Lumba has once again rekindled the highlife fire, which will burn for centuries.

Stream and download song below

Daddy LumbaOfon Na Ɛdi Asɛm Fo

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