Eno Barony – Soja Go Soja Come (feat. King Paluta) (Prod. By JoeKole Beat)

Eno Barony, King Paluta - Soja Go Soja Come
Eno Barony, King Paluta – Soja Go Soja Come/ Artwork

Ghanaian rap sensation Eno Barony has just released her latest track, “Soja Go Soja Come,” featuring the ever-impressive King Paluta.

This highlife-inspired song, graced with beautiful guitar strings, dives into the theme that one person’s treasure can be another’s poison. Eno Barony’s versatility shines through as she seamlessly transitions between singing the choruses and delivering her signature rap lines with undeniable flair.

The chorus, echoing “If you leave me today, another will replace you,” sets the tone for this relatable and catchy track. Eno Barony’s lyrical prowess and emotive delivery are perfectly complemented by King Paluta’s contribution. King Paluta’s verse is a standout, resonating deeply with listeners and making him the ideal collaborator for this song.

King Paluta seems tailor-made for songs about heartbreak, as he effortlessly delivers lines that turn “Soja Go Soja Come” into the talk of the town. His words linger in the listeners’ minds, adding a profound layer to the track that ensures it will be remembered.

Produced by the talented JoeKole Beatz, “Soja Go Soja Come” is a masterful blend of highlife rhythms and contemporary rap, and the second single off Eno’s “No Manual” Album

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