Flowking Stone – My Judgement (feat. Enam)

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“I no dey rap to battle, I dey rap to tackle the issues”.
Flowking Stone takes the stance to discredit critics on their negative comments on the most sought after “Fire Bon Dem Remix” with a new record he titles “My Judgement”.

The aftermath of #FireBonDemRemix, a song made to solidify the unity between the most talked about rival rappers Flowking Stone and Sarkodie got the streets talking and social media buzzing with different sentiments on ‘who killed who’.

Ill energy took the lead as #FlowkingAbr3 gain prominence in Ghana twitter trends over a day. This has unleashed the ‘rap’ in him to do something to appease his fans, spitting some serious bars to address the issues from left, right and centre on a KCee sampled “Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu” hiphop fused beat, featuring singer Enam.

Flowking Stone – My Judgement (feat. Enam)


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