FreeVibe – Nketoade

FreeVibe - Nketoade
FreeVibe Nketoade

FreeVibe releases a new single he calls “Nketoade”. The song was first made known to the public in 2017 but is now officially released on all digital platforms this July.

Nketoade is a Ghanaian language (Twi) which literally means “The younger the better”. In this song, the rapper paints a picture of a young lady whom he has fallen in love with. With pure African and Afrobeat style, you can’t do anything but to dance to this song.

FreeVibe, being a marijuana activist, an atheist, a songwriter and a rapper, spends most of his days under shades (trees), either reflecting on life or writing a song. Anything from mountainous areas; river banks; at the beach; in the trees; to watching the night sky, FreeVibe is interested. He always makes it clear that in his solitude at those natural areas, he finds the inspiration to write the songs we all love.

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