G-Naze – Warm Up (Mixed by On3ll Beatz)

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Hiplife and hip-hop musician G-Naze has released his latest hit single dubbed “Warm Up” mixed by On3ll beat.

The song showcases how good he is when it comes to flow, wordplay and delivery.

In “Warm Up” he focuses on how he is hungry to take over the music industry, and also talks about how he was brought up in a Christian home and people perception about him being a soft guy doing music.

G-Naze is a Ghanaian musician who has mastered the craft well enough within the Obuasi enclave. Been involved in rap battles and rap competitions around Kumasi and Obuasi, and sharing the same stage with the likes of Okyeame Kwame, Flowking Stone, Fameye, and Strongman etc.

He has been releasing songs all over the internet; his hit singles such as “Frema” and “Popping” gave him the attention needed to be one of the best musicians to come out from Ghana

Listen and download “Warm Up” below:

G-Naze – Warm Up (Mixed by On3ll Beatz)

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