Mani Mandela – Melodies from the North EP

Mani Mandela - Melodies from the North EP
Mani Mandela – Melodies from the North EP


Mani Mandela is on the verge of securing a solid reputation for himself in the Ghanaian music scene. Fans who admire his work ethic will be excited to know he has finally released his anticipated EP, ”Melodies from the North”. Mani Mandela is betting big on his new 5-track EP which features Juni Hype and Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame.

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Songs on the record were composed in English, but also in Mani’s native dialect, Bulisa; to validate his roots as well as the EP’s title.

Tracklist - Melodies from the North EP
Tracklist – Melodies from the North EP

”Melodies from the North” opens with ‘Azumah’ which features Juni Hype. It tells the story of a guy who pleads for forgiveness from his lover in relation to his toxic behaviors and lifestyle.

‘Money’ follows suit. It’s about the pursuit of money and wealth. The poor man’s son has no friends and support is a luxury he can’t afford. He’s on his own and money is his only escape so he must chase the bag. Then comes ‘Promise Me’, an emotional moving piece which features Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame. It’s a beautiful song themed on loyalty; a couple’s promise to never betray the love that they share. ‘Jealous’ takes center stage from there. Standing at number 4, it tells the tale of an ex who regrets letting go of her significant other. Consumed by jealousy, she wants him back. But he has moved on with another and her cries to bait him won’t be tolerated.

‘Am Happy’ draws the curtains on the EP and it does so on a positive note. It’s a song that urges all to cling onto happiness because as the saying goes, we only have today and aren’t promised tomorrow.
Prior to release of ”Melodies from the North”, Mani Mandela entertained fans with songs such as ‘Hyira Me’, ‘Azumah’ and ‘My Story’; the latter released to commemorate his 30th birthday. In relation to production, ODB Studios (Ghana), Stone B Records (Ghana) and DrKrane Beatz (UK) were the expert producers who helped bring Mani’s dream into fruition.

When asked about his hopes concerning the EP, Mani Mandela retorted: ”This whole project is a breakthrough for me after all the hard work and above all, having Prince Bright on the EP is a blessing. The project is meant to sell our local melodies to the outside world, letting them know our heritage. I see myself being a household name after the release of this EP as it has already gained much attention and publicity”.

Mani Mandela wants it all and his work ethic is enough proof. ”Melodies from the North” is a solid piece of art poised to win more fans over to the Mani Mandela brand. Check it out for yourself here.

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