Shatta Wale – Longtime (Ets3)

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Just about a week ago, a song was released from the HighGrade camp ahead of the Pulse concert which obviously stepped on a toe by demeaning an artiste and calling for a lyrical war.

The feud has just been rekindled as Shatta Wale releases “Longtime (Ets3)” to whom it may concern. Clearly a response to Samini’s claim in ‘Anytime’.

Shatta Wale makes fun of him by labelling him ‘Olu’ – an old man for the dancehall game for his energy is gone hence he can’t be an energy God like he claim. He goes on to caution him ahead of the Pulse Concert to come and perform in peace.

This is a just a commencement of another episode of lyrical war among the two Ghanaian dancehall arts. Hope it remains just lyrical and nothing personal.

Shatta Wale – Longtime (Ets3) (Prod. By Da Maker)


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