Shatta Wale – Too Much Chemical

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Many are those with the view that SM Boss can only brag of commercial music, leaving most important issues facing the society unattended to.

This is to prove them wrong. Shatta Wale adds “Too Much Chemicals” to his list of songs. Need I say this piece is spot on?.

Then again do reggae beat wakes some sort of consciousness in an artiste. Shatta Wale talks to the issue of chemicals consumption from the foods we eat, air pollution and skin bleaching creams as a threat to livelihood.

He scolds leadership in a verse for their naivety, saying “Our leaders know this but they still import the sardines” on a RonnyTurnMeUp production.

Enjoy “Too Much Chemical” by Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale – Too Much Chemical (Prod. By RonnyTurnMeUp) [ DOWNLOAD ]

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