Shatta Wale – What You Want + High Like Heaven

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Taking territories with his music career, Ghanaian dancehall star, Shatta Wale dishes two musical meals.

On one stretch is ‘What You Want’, the lovers jam as Valentine day gradually approaches, especially those expecting to take on the dancefloor.

On another stretch is a very controversial song Shatta Wale titles ‘High Like Heaven’, the dancehall artiste calling for a legalisation of Cannabis and endorsing the use of such among the youth as a particular line in the song suggests, “Imma smoke for life till my lungs get dry” – Shatta Wale. Let the debate begin.

Credit to Shatta Wale for the production of both songs, he is a genius.

Shatta Wale – What You Want (Prod. By Da Maker) [ DOWNLOAD ]

Shatta Wale – High Like Heaven (Prod. By Da Maker) [ DOWNLOAD ]

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