Sika Pelli – Baako Suro (Prod. By Drum Stickx)

Sika Pelli - Baako Suro
Sika Pelli – Baako Suro

Sika Pelli introduces “Baako Suro,” a captivating highlife tune that delves into the theme of protecting one’s heart from deceptive romantic interests. With its heartfelt melodies and rhythmic beats, the song strikes a chord with listeners, urging them to exercise caution in matters of love.

Set against the backdrop of Ghanaian highlife music, “Baako Suro” conveys a timeless message that resonates across cultures, advising individuals to be wary of those who may try to take advantage of their emotions for personal gain.

Produced by Drum Stickx and featured on the “Ka Bia, Tie” album, “Baako Suro” embodies the rich musical tradition of Ghanaian highlife. The seamless blend of Sika Pelli’s emotive vocals and vibrant instrumentation creates an immersive musical journey that transports listeners to the heart of West African music. As a standout track on the album, “Baako Suro” highlights Sika Pelli’s versatility as both a vocalist and a songwriter.

Listen to “Baako Suro” below:

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