Bryan The Mensah – Medicine (Official Video)

BRYAN The Mensah
BRYAN The Mensah – Medicine


Don’t get it twisted! Choosing a tag line “Menses” has nothing to do with monthly flow by women or to ridicule for women.

BRYAN The Mensah, a fast rising ‘underdog’ Ghanaian Rapper recently got his fans pushing him to grab the tag “Menses” as the official for his fanbase. Though sounds controversial, Bryan however explains that it does highlight his originality and authenticity as a Ghanaian Rapper, this his own name “Mensah”.

Another wing of his fanbase also picked “Outsiders” which Bryan has also endorsed. But now he’s in a limbo whether to with “Menses” or “Outsiders” — which would you prefer he picks?

Listen to “Medicine” on here:

Watch video here

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