Yaw Berma – Nipa (Official Video)

Video: Yaw Berma - Nipa
Video: Yaw Berma – Nipa

Released back in 2018, visuals for Yaw Berma’s ‘Nipa’ surface today and fans can only enjoy than wonder why.

Directed by StudioXtra, the video is set in motion with a very convenient prelude that has a finger file through a car’s radio for stations. It stops on one with a local adage which translates; ‘’Never put in your heart that you’re going to please everyone. Then it makes you a liar, you are not truthful to yourself. Put it in your mind’’.

Yaw Berma is seen next walking into a studio, ready to devour the Possigee production. Over 4 minutes in length, video’s minimalist approach makes it easy to focus of the songs weighty lyrics which is a plus. StudioXtra’s use of greyscale, coupled with varying angles also makes the experience an epic one.

Watch Yaw Berma’s video for ‘Nipa’ here

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